Retirement Planning

The thought of planning for retirement can be stressful, whether you are just beginning to think about saving, are close to retiring, or are already living in retirement. At Equilibrium, we can help to reduce this stress by formulating and implementing a plan that balances your vision for retirement with the strategies used to pursue it.

Our retirement planning services include:

  • Determining how much you need to retire comfortably
  • Manage assets before and after retirement
  • Employer Plan Advice and Rollover services
  • Income and Social Security Planning
  • Preservation of Capital
  • Liquidity and Emergency Fund Planning
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Next Phase Retirement Consulting Program

At Equilibrium Wealth Management, we strive to balance your vision for the future with the strategies used to get you there. This principle governs every aspect of our financial planning process, with particular significance when it comes to discussing your retirement plan. In 2023, Equilibrium unveiled an exciting new strategic alliance with John K. Consulting, LLC, founded by John Kleczynski, specializing in retirement coaching and business consulting.

With this strategic alliance, Equilibrium proudly welcomes John Kleczynski (Left) to our team as the Director of Next Phase Retirement Consulting. John brings a specialized capability in guiding retirees and near retirees through the various challenges they may face during this phase of life. His unique perspective on planning for post-retirement endeavors, including second careers, engaging in hobbies, charitable work, health considerations, family issues to consider and fulfilling travel plans, is encapsulated within this innovative retirement program.

The Next Phase Retirement Consulting Program encourages individuals to think through the most important aspects of the next phase of life, drawing from John's own retirement planning experience. It constitutes a pivotal step towards comprehending and understanding our clients' true visions and goals for retirement, ultimately leading to the development of tailor-made financial strategies in the pursuit of these goals.

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