Strategic Partnerships

We believe in the strength of team at Equilibrium. To serve you better, Equilibrium has developed several strategic partnerships that are vitally important to our client's overall experience. These include strong relationships with LPL Financial and HighPoint Advisor Group.


LPL Financial – Custodian and Provider of Independent Financial Support

A custodian is the firm that takes physical possession of your assets, processes transactions, collects dividend and interest payments, makes distributions to you or a designated party and produces monthly statements that document holdings, cost basis and current market value. The custodian that has physical possession of your assets should be a highly regarded brand name that you have researched. To that end, Equilibrium Wealth Management has chosen LPL Financial as its primary custodian. LPL is one of the largest custodians in the industry, with advisory and brokerage assets of over $1 Trillion as of December 2022.


HighPoint Advisor Group – Office of Supervisory Jurisdiction

As part of a full value proposition, HighPoint Advisor Group provides Equilibrium Wealth Management with experienced and knowledgeable behind-the-scenes services and proactive compliance. HighPoint currently partners with over 175 advisors in more than 100 locations. 

*HighPoint Advisor Group is a marketing name for an OSJ of LPL Financial that supports independent advisors at LPL Financial, a broker/dealer and registered investment advisor.