John Kleczynski

Director of Next Phase Retirement Consulting

As the Head of NextPhase Retirement Consulting at Equilibrium Wealth Management, John brings a specialized capability in guiding retirees and near retirees through the challenges they may encounter during retirement. His unique perspective on planning for post-retirement endeavors, including second careers, hobbies, charitable work, health considerations, family issues and travel plans, is encapsulated in his innovative "next phase" retirement program. This program encourages individuals to think through the most important aspects of the next phase of life and draws from John's own retirement planning experience.

Prior to joining Equilibrium Wealth Management, John was an officer of WEC energy group, the parent Company of several Midwest utilities serving in various roles, including interim president and retired in 2020 concluding a 33-year career with the Company. He is the founder and President of John K Consulting, LLC, a retirement coaching and business consulting firm. John also volunteers as a Township Planning Commissioner in Wisconsin.

John lives with his wife in Lakewood, IL and enjoys spending time with his family and fishing at his Northwoods cabin.