Michelle Juras, ChFC®

Senior Compliance Officer

Michelle Juras, ChFC®, serves as the Chief Compliance Officer at HighPoint Planning Partners, which operates as the Office of Supervisory Jurisdiction for Equilibrium Wealth Management. Her career began in Financial Services as a Financial Advisor before transitioning to Operations and Compliance after a successful four-year tenure in sales. With over 13 years of dedicated service in compliance, Michelle now leads the Firm's compliance program, oversees regulatory filings, provides essential support to branch offices, and monitors the regulatory landscape.

At Equilibrium Wealth Management, compliance stands as the cornerstone of our business model, ensuring trust, integrity, and regulatory adherence. Michelle Juras brings over 13 years of expertise, dedication, and a proven track record in navigating financial regulations. Her leadership guides our team with meticulous attention to detail, safeguarding the interests of our clients and the integrity of our firm. We are proud to have Michelle leading our compliance efforts.